Locations wanted

New England Scent Dogs is actively seeking locations to hold mock trials and other training events (such as Sniff & Go’s or off-site classes with instructors). We prefer not to host events at dog training facilities or kennels, though we may consider some. We’re looking for “real-world” locations like camp grounds, churches, schools, armories, recreation centers, and so on. Here’s a breakdown of what’s needed to host a K9 scent detection training event:

Mock trials

To conduct a mock trial we need a fair amount of space, both interior and exterior. We can be somewhat flexible, but the basic requirements are:

  • Parking for about 20-30 people, ideally.
  • Interior search area space – must allow dogs to perform search inside. Need at least 1 room to hold a NW1, 2 rooms for NW2, and 3 rooms for NW3. Rooms should be large enough to fit at least 3 people plus 1 dog.
  • Container search area space – need a decent amount of open floor space to lay out about 20 boxes or other containers, with enough room for dog and handler to search between and around the packages, plus room for a judge and a timer.
  • Exterior search area space – need access to exterior search area space that is not clearly visible from the parking area (ideally). Prefer to have enough space for 2 or 3 separate search areas, but not required.
  • Vehicle search area space – prefer to have enough pavement space to conduct a search with 3-5 vehicles. If not available, must have space where we can park 3-5 vehicles and conduct searches.
  • Rest rooms – need access to rest rooms for trial personnel and competitors.
  • These events usually last 4-8 hours, depending on how many trial levels are offered, and require 5-10 hours of rental time (including set-up and breakdown).

Other training events

We are also looking to host “offsite” training events, where instructors and students can practice their skills outside the usual training facility. These are usually small, with about 10-12 students, plus an instructor and a coordinator from NESD. They require about 3 hours of rental time.

  • Need access to space that would allow us to conduct at least 2 (or more) of the type of searches noted above. Interior space is a plus!