July 24 Fitchburg sniff-thru

Below are details about our Sniff Thru on Saturday, July 24 at the YMCA in Fitchburg. Please arrive at the time noted below for your level. If you have any problems or questions about the run order, please email me ASAP.

NOTE: The YMCA will be open for the public on Saturday, so there may be people going in and out of the building or using the parking lot, but it should be a fairly low number. Please be respectful and ensure your dog does not provide any unwanted affection. Thanks!

55 Wallace Avenue, Fitchburg MA 01420
Google maps: https://g.page/MontachusettBranchYMCA?share

The parking lot is located directly across the street from the YMCA building. It should be fairly empty at this time of day. There’s not much area available for pottying your dog, so be prepared. Please also keep your valuable items secure.

Arrival Times
NW1 dogs – please arrive no later than 8:00 am!
Run times: 8:20 – 8:47 am

NW2 dogs – please arrive no later than  9:00 am!
Run times: 9:25 – 10:15 am

NW3 dogs – please arrive no later than 10:10 am!
Run times: 10:29 – 11:46 am

We will be doing a quick virtual walkthrough of the search FLOW but not the areas (if we have time/bandwidth we might post the rooms too). The video will be posted to New England Scent Dogs (https://www.facebook.com/NewEnglandScentDogs) and Scentinel Nose Work (https://www.facebook.com/ScentinelNoseWork) Facebook pages the morning of the sniff thru. We will also have a “bonus” area that you can run on your own outside the building, and we’ll post a video of that area and show you where the hides are located.

We look forward to working with you and your K9 partners!

Anne Steciw, CNWI and Gail McCarthy, CNWI


NW1Time slot
Maria & Finch8:20
Pat & Sophie8:23
Annette & Calypso8:26
Sheila & Declan8:29
Tracy & Dash8:32
Kimberly & Slick8:35
Annette & Monroe8:38
Eileen & Bo8:41
Kimberly & Squeaks8:44
Rainer & Willow8:47
Patty & Switch8:50
Break – run volunteer dogs
Amy & Leroy
Mavis & Zuke
Janice & Vindi?
Sue & Sandie9:25
Kelly & Daisy9:30
Anne & Sophie9:35
Cheryl & Zella9:40
Lucia & Erik9:45
Ellen & Cricket9:50
Paula & Lhotse9:55
Liz & Sawyer10:00
Pamela & Obi10:05
Pamela & Tessa10:10
Jennifer & Nala10:15
Break – 15 minutes
Eileen & Bolt10:29
Christina & Cruz10:36
Pamela & Raptor10:43
Rainer & Aimee10:50
Sue & Gabi10:57
Jackie & Reina11:04
Esther & Friday11:11
Kathy & Deuce11:18
Rainer & Jack11:25
Deb & Kalea11:32
Juli & Kizmet11:39
Lucy & Amy11:46